Goërtz Attorneys Inc.

Attorneys and Conveyancers

Practice Areas 

Advising on all areas of taxation including Capital Gains Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Dividends Tax, Donations Tax, Double Taxation Agreements, Estate Duty, Pay As You Earn, Personal Income Tax, Provisional Tax, Securities Transfer Tax, Tax Amnesty, Transfer Duty, Turnover Tax, Value Added Tax, Withholding Tax. 


Preparation of tax opinions and advance tax rulings.


Representing clients being audited and involved in tax disputes/tax controversies with the South African Revenue Service. 

Preparation of tax objections and tax appeals.

Representing clients at alternative dispute resolution forums and in settlement negotiations. 

Advising on and the drafting of various commercial transactions including advising on taxation.

Advising on and the drafting, registration and administration of Trusts. 

Advising on and the drafting of Wills, Codicils and Living Wills.

Administration of Estates including reporting, drafting of liquidation and distribution accounts, completion of Estate Duty returns and finalisation.

Advising on Estate Planning.

Advising on taxation in respect of the abovementioned.

Liaising with the relevant authorities. 


Attending to Real Estate transactions including property transfers and mortgage bonds.


Representing clients in the High Court of South Africa in litigation matters as instructing attorney.

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